Uh Oh Apolonia is now Apollo

Mama Hen Chris

9 Years
Aug 24, 2010
Peoria, AZ
We were hoping that our Apolonia was just a fast maturing hen. Our dreams have been crushed.
We heard a pathetic noise coming from the backyard before the sun came up. It was our Apolonia. 9 weeks old and trying to let the world know it was morning.
After posting pictures in August of the "girls" I was told we had a roo. There are no saddle feathers as of yet. Is that normal for a 9 week old roo?

Poor Appy will have to find a new home. We are not allowed roosters in our community.

I grabbed my camera and got these videos of the first try at crowing.

Appy at 3 weeks

Sorry it turned out to be a roo. I know I will be facing the same thing with the chicks I hatched....I can't keep a roo either. Hope you can find him a good home.

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