Uh oh...she got chased off her nest....

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9 Years
Jun 21, 2010
North Idaho
I have a broodie who sat on golf balls or whatever else she could find for 5 days. I didnt have any fertilized eggs for her but yesterday a neighbor gave me a dozen right out of her nest boxes. YEAH! I put her in the brooder under the nest boxes on her new clutch. She was happy. She ran out to get a bite to eat, maybe for 10 minutes and when she came back someone else was on her nest so she went elsewhere to sit on different eggs. I do not know how long her nest went unattended. Maybe a few hours. I just put her back on her real nest and locked her in with food and water. The other girls can see her through wire. CAN I or should I candle the eggs? At what point should I do that? What should I expect to see....lets say if I do this at 7 days? Any thoughts on this situation?

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