Uh Oh! Tweedle's Cloaca is Not OK.


9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
Portland, OR
I just did a bedtime check on the ladies and noticed something hanging from my Wyandotte's butt feathers. It was a half of a soft eggshell. I looked closer and saw her cloaca was not right. It is partially exposed. I rushed her in the house and carefully extracted another part of eggshell. I cleaned around the vent with warm water on a cotten ball and atempted to push the insides back in. There was a bunch of white substance arounf the hole and i sponged that clean, trimmed the butt hairs and applied bag balm. The cloaca came back out, but it is only about a centimeter in diamer (the part thats outside).... i watched her poop and it was a bit labored and small, but solid. She is seperated in a large dog crate with water. Thinking about giving her some scrambled eggs in the morning. Tweedle is about 2.5 years old.

Ive read about egg bound.... this isnt exactly that. Heard of prolapsed vent, but dont know too much about it.

Any advice would be great. Ive done all i know how to do with this situation, as ive never dealt with this particular ailment.

She is alert and pretty feisty, but obviously uncomfortable. What else can i do for her?
I think that the treatment of choice for a prolapse is Preparation H. I've not had to use it so I do not know the dosage.
I checked her this morning in the dog crate, and her vent looked back to normal, for the most part. I gave her scrambled eggs and canned corn for breakfast, made sure she had water and left her in the dog crate for safe keeping. I will let her out to free range when I get home if all is still well. Whew! Crisis averted, I guess.

So, perhaps not prolapse, but what would cause this to happen? Pushing too hard to get the egg out? Soft shell? My hens get all the oyster shell they want, so I dont know why, but her eggs are always bit thinner and easier to break. Well, I'm guessing they have been hers, since this whole thing happened now. Its like the egg broke right as it was coming out.

Anyone have any experience with this?

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