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  1. I honestly have no idea if this is the right place to post, but here goes.

    My family live on the edge of a small semi rural town, and currently own eight hens. Or so we thought.
    Around the middle of last year, I finally convinced my parents to allow us to buy a hen, who had recently hatched five chicks. So we picked them up not to long after contacting the seller- one beautiful Wyandotte Bantam hen, along with five fluffy Sussex Wyandotte cross chicks.
    So we happily looked after them, and singled out two cockerels when they were starting to show signs of 'rooster adulthood'. Around two months after putting the remaining hen and pullets in with the rest of flock, one of the pullets died for un known reasons. This left us with just two pullets.
    So anyway, This evening me and my Mum were walking by the chicken coop, and heard allot of squawking. One of the 'pullets' was trying to breed another hen.

    Is this normal? I know other female animals do it as a sign of dominance, but do chickens? Sorry if this is a silly question, I'm not that clued up on chickens yet :)


  2. I'd you don't have a male it's much more likely to happen.
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    When we put a rooster in with our newest flock of 27 pullets, one of our Delaware pullets tried to get on the roos back. She had been the dominant one and I guess she felt like challenging this new "pullet". Lol.

    He didn't do anything to her when she did it, he was too new to the flock to be assertive at that point, but nobody tries it with him anymore.

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