Uhhhgggg, why or why do I buy more?!?

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    Yesterday while at our local feed & seed store, I purchased two GLW.... The older lady always tells me they are NOT buying anymore, but she always does! She is a chicken lover as well and always gets request for more.

    Why I am complaining about me always buying more chicken is just because... Two weeks ago she had in SLW, so I purchased two. With those two, the two from yesterday, we now have 16 chickens!! WHAT in the world are we going to do with all the eggs?!? Coop is nice size, 10 wide by 10 wide, so I guess we’ll add on a little…
    7 are lying now with 3 more to start any day now, so that is 10 doing the chicken squat, two that are maybe a month off and 4 biddies.

    Oh ya, we got a new dog as about two weeks ago... oh what a wicked web we weave
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    You know, chickens are so darned addictive! At one time, I had 23 chickens! I have an 8x12 hen house that looks like a red barn, and then I have a 6x6 A-frame chicken coop with a run.

    I just got rid of 8 of my youngest laying hens and I have no idea what made me do that, so now I need more! LOL

    I currently have, in the big hen house, a trio of Coronation Sussex, a pair of turkeys, two older laying hens that have recently quit laying but I can't part with them, and two EE pullets that I just bought at a swap meet that haven't started laying yet.

    Then in the small coop, I have a pair of bantam Polish, and two bantam frizzle cochins, and a silkie pullet. Nobody in that coop lays yet.

    So I keep playing this sell 'em and buy 'em game.....I don't know why!

    So with a total of 13 chickens, and two turkeys, it feels pretty empty at my place. I'm going to the Ohio Nationals and YOU KNOW I'll come home with more chickens.......[​IMG]

    I just can't help myself! And I sure can't be of help to you! I will only encourage you! [​IMG]

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