UK L/F Blue/Splash Orpingtons show/breeding quality

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    Dec 17, 2010
    Nottinghamshire UK
    I have a few excess cockerels who are too good to put in the pot and who would really help improve peoples stock. From top UK lines having won at National level. These would also be great for showing. The boys have been kept together so buyer could take more than one.
    As I have chicks up and coming and made my selection for showing and breeding, these are just more than I need right now. I'm willing to give buyer first refusal on any pullets I decide to sell this year.

    This is a fantastic opportunity for a breeder to get some really good genes into their flock at a fraction of the cost of a breeding pair.

    No reasonable offer refused.


    This photo shows the quality of stock raised, these are pullets from last years hatch, example only, non available presently.


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