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    Jun 3, 2008
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    Hi all, i am now selling Farmgate Poultry Feeds. The top 3 should i should always have, Anything else please PM to ask, i will also order it in if you require.

    You can pop to the farm to pick up. If you order a Tonne or over it can be delivered to you. (I am trying to find a courier to deliver the smaller amounts)

    Farmgate Classic Mixed Poultry Corn
    Farmgate Chick Crumbs ACS
    Farmgate Layers Pellets
    Farmgate Rearer ACS Pellets
    Farmgate Layers Mash
    Farmgate Chicken Finisher ACS
    Farmgate Poultry Breeder
    Farmgate Poultry Finisher
    Farmgate Organic Layers Pellets

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