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Ukrainian Egg Artist looking for infertile Turkey Eggs!

Discussion in 'Where am I? Where are you!' started by glambka, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. glambka

    glambka Songster

    Hi: I am a new member just looking for help in finding Turkey eggs for purchase that no one is going to raise to pullets. I am an egg artist and am having a very hard time finding Turkey eggs. I am in Michigan and I haven't been able to find many turkey farmers here...or they are big farms only in it for the meat?
    I will take full eggs or blown eggs, large eggs, small eggs, and would love some double yolkers (which I know are infertile)....

    I know many turkeys are just starting to lay. Maybe if you find your eggs are not fertile you can keep me in mind?? I live in Southeast Michigan, 30 miles North of Detroit in Shelby Townshiip.

    So...any advice will be helpful!! I wish I could raise them myself and solve my problem, but I am a city-fied girl (and the township just won't plain let me)! Thanks all! Gail, GoldenEgg Design

  2. first [​IMG]

    second: We have a bunch of turkey chicks who when they start laying I would sell you eggs (fertile or not, unless you arent taking fertile for another reason then they are cheaper or something) but shipping would be a lot, from AK to michagan, wow

    Im gonna buddy you (in my mental list of buddies) and help you out LOL
  3. Oregon Blues

    Oregon Blues Crowing

    Apr 14, 2011
    Central Oregon
    Oh my gosh! beautiful painted eggs!

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