Um, who returns a half starved molting chicken? (update/more pictures)

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  1. FireTigeris

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    Um, who returns a half starved molting chicken?

    really, Dec 18th we get a call from my cousins, (in the property behind me with a right-of-way up the side of my land) saing our bunnies were out.

    We go outside and rangle/herd rabbits - throughout the day we catch all three.

    The back of the coop was open. [​IMG]

    This is odd but I had been in there rearranging bedding, maybe I forgot to lock it (see eye latch)... that would be really odd for me...

    So I further secured the coop back door with a bungie cord. (not pictured)

    When we did a head count the RIR Minnie who perched closest to the door was gone- no feather or anything.

    Darn, the possum that we had been seeing around must have got her or the fox or the coon... maybe if it was night the oair of GHO's or possibly and early morning Cooper's Hawk.

    So I'm down to 16 birds half of with are bantam, and still have two roosters.

    So its nearly a month later...

    I go out to feed this morning and ...

    "What's wrong with that chicken, looks half way through a molt...that is the ugliest RIR with the same floppy comb- HEY I'm out of RIR... what the It's Minnie!"

    This means a two legger did this because the back doors were closed the bungie was disturbed and eye-hook was unlatched...

    Ya know I appreciate her back (as long as she's not sick) but she's 1/3 her original weight...

    AND if she had stayed missing I would have assumed forever that it was a predator not a thief.

    What gives?

    Why return her?

    (picts soon)
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  2. eggboy

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    Jan 23, 2010
    Very strange.
  3. FireTigeris

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    Here are the pictures, there is no where to hide in the coop,


    That hospital cage has been removed, there is a new set of perches and the ground cover is mineral sand/ surplus form construction.

    It occurred to me she might have gone broody ... the same day the mysterious escape happened... and we just didn't see her because we were not looking inside but there are no chicks and we have been getting eggs from everyone else... but I've done two cage cleanings since then...
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  4. Jacklynn

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    That's really strange. Do you have snow this time of year? If so, can you see tracks? Follow them perhaps ? :S

    That is really, really weird.
  5. ams3651

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    Jan 23, 2008
    NE PA
    maybe someone found her out roaming? they are good at hiding when they are in danger. glad you got her back
  6. FireTigeris

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    Quote:Nope its North FL- in a city too...

    I wonder if they thought she's a he and tried to fight her?

    I checked in the compacted dirt and saw nothing.

    Quote:I also called my family to see if any of them found her (she might have run away this long) but nobody is admitting it.

    (there is one other person with chickens around a strange would not have known.)
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  7. BooBear

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    Oct 7, 2010
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    May want to install one of them motion cameras to catch the person messing with your critters.
    Also, get a lock put on the coop that requires a key.
  8. FireTigeris

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    Quote:Going to get locks today, when the weather breaks some (cold/rain).

    The front door is set up to take a lock and uses a spring across it that requires a person to unwind it from the door and wall.

    the back door I can use one of those bicycle locks that has the long loop and put it through the door.

    What about the egg doors?

    I don't think I have enough for a camera.

    Also my office light shines on that back door making it lit all hours (its all wood so the chooks are not disturbed...
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  9. ChickenCanoe

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    Nov 23, 2010
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    Maybe they wanted eggs and didn't know you also had to feed chickens. Probably used her body stores to continue to lay and when that stopped they returned her as defective.

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    "May you live in interesting times"
  10. NewToFarming

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    Apr 28, 2010
    Millersburg, PA
    Wow! That is so creepy! I am sure she did not hide on you for an entire month. You would have found her at some point prior to that. I agree one of the motion camera is a great idea if you would be able to get one. Sure sounds like a 2 legged predator!

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