Um...would someone have a look at my "girls?"

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  1. I was (am?) certain that I have all pullets in my teeny flock of 4. Now, after looking at photos of other chickens, paranoia is setting I realize I know next to nothing about sexing young chickens. [​IMG] They are all 6 weeks plus a couple days old. Does anything in any of these photos say "cockerel" to you?? lol

    I am completely positive (hahahaha!!!!) that my black australorp, Thelma, is a pullet. I am relatively certain the ISA brown, Louise, is a pullet. I am less certain about the white leghorn, Doris, and the EE, Martha.


    What say you, good people? [​IMG]

  2. I see 4 pullets. The Easter Egger has no evidence of hackle or saddle feathers, and a tiny comb. I'd say this one is definitely a pullet. And the picture of her is the best shot one for determining gender bc it shows her head, neck and tail, so that's another reason I'm positive she's a she. The Leghorn I am less sure, since I don't raise them, and since both males & females have big combs, but the tiny tiny comb and almost no wattles are suggestions it's a girl. The ISA and the Australorp don't look like there's enough comb/wattle development to be male, and I cannot identify any saddle/hackle yet. So far, it looks good.
  3. Thank you! I am pretty sure they're all girls. Just needed to hear someone else think they probably are too. [​IMG]

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    Apr 10, 2012
    The leghorn looks like my girls. They're 8 wks old... combs are starting to grow, only slightly pink but would be huge and red, from what I understand, if they were male at this age. I got them as pullets, not SR
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    i see pullets

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