Umbilical cord or poopy butt?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by HolyChickBantam, Apr 9, 2016.

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    Apr 8, 2016
    Hey there, excited to join y'all at BYC! I'm so thankful for all the wisdom and advice I've already gleaned from reading through the forum. You've all helped me get through the first 24 hours of chick-parenting with much less stress.

    I was so giddy bringing home our 3 Barred Rock chicks (pullets, hopefully!) yesterday and will add six more to the flock in two weeks (3 bantam RIR and 3 Easter Eggers).

    I've been reading up on all things chicken lately but one of our chickie's bums has me wondering what to do: I thought she had pasty butt, however when I went to clean it it looks more like an umbilical cord right under the vent. The vent is clear, whether it is poo or not, but I've caught the other two girls a little too interested in this chickie's rear (she has very yellow down on her bum so the umbilical cord or dried poo is very noticeable). I put a little warm towel on her bum but then noticed the vent was clear and it didn't come off easy so I stopped.

    What do you all think-- poo or umbilical cord?

    I know removing the umbilical cord bits is a no-no, but is there anything I should do?

    Thanks for your help and patience, everyone! You make the road to raising chickens a lot smoother for us newbies!

    The first pic is chickie's bum. The vent is not completely visible but it is definitely clear and clean. The "matter" in question is right below it. I am pretty sure that underneath the cord/poo is what was listed on another thread as an umbilical cord (the stumpy part that is very much attached to the body).

    The second pic is a proud mama's little ones resting between brooder escapades!


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    Feb 7, 2016
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    It looks like poo to me. You can try giving the chick a warm demi-bath to soak it off to see for sure.

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