un-official caption contest! starts 4/11/14 -- ends 4/18/14


8 Years
May 10, 2013
I'll be in the barn!

To start us off I'll post a few pictures of some new chicks we just got and a few Silkie pictures.. Then anyone who wants to enter will quote this post and fill in a caption for whichever pictures they want to enter under. You don not have to enter in all the pictures, but you can if you want. Please do not post any more pictures after the end date (see thread title)

When typing in your captions you can delete any text that is under or above each photo.. The caption can be as long as you like, but the shorter the better.

Here are the pictures to enter with:
Please write your caption title above the picture for easier judging.

picture 1 Caption here please:

Picture 2 Caption here please:

Picture 3 Caption here please:

Picture 4 Caption here please:

This contest is simply for the fun of it. so sorry there are no prizes..

All BYC rules apply and have fun!

The winner will be decided with votes after the end date (see the thread title).

Note to contestants:
Please do not chat in this thread.. Only post your captions with the pictures of your choice and if you have any questions just ask me. Thank you for entering! -Chickenlover200
age : unknown
Breed : Frizzle polish
colour : Chamios
sex : cockerel

He the funniest cockerel on the planet !! he loves to dance and show off to the girls

Poor fella hasn't grow his feather back since molting season.

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