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    I have three free-ranging hens, given to me (as pullets) last autumn by my next door neighbor. At the same time she gave another neighbor two of the same clutch. Apparently, living conditions have been unsatisfactory at neighbor#2 (small cages, neglect, underfed) and one hen dies. Tsk, tsk.

    Neighbor#1 has since given up chickens (but retains her tender spot for them). Today, surprise!! Tenderhearted neighbor#1 rescue/buys remaining hen from neglectful neighbor#2 and puts her into my coop. Yes.

    I'm happy to rescue this girl, but worried. Clearly, no quarantine protocol has been observed.

    When I got home, I examined her and put her in a crate (still inside the coop), gave her electrolyes, stress vit's, etc. Tomorrow in the light, I'll bathe and treat her.

    Mostly, I'm unsure if I should move her out now, since the coop has already (possibly) been contaminated all day. Should I start a quarantine, or has that ship sailed?!

    Does the fact that they are related, and been living on the same block cut down on the risks? What would you guys do?
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    I think if she has anything, your other birds are already exposed and you might as well continue integration. I had a friend do that one time, too. Honestly, I never even gave it a thought, other than, "Huh - I wonder where that one came from?" I have never quarantined, but I don't often bring in outside birds, either. When I do, it's from trusted sources. It wouldn't hurt for you to check the new one over for parasites and treat if seen.

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