Unabsorbed yolk sac? Hernia? Please help!?!?

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    Apr 8, 2016
    This is my first time trying to hatch chickens, we accidentally acquired a rooster and within a few weeks of having him we had a broody hen so I thought it would be a great experience for myself and the kids. We only had 1 other Sussex laying so Each day she payed her egg for a week I put it under the broody. This is probably my 1st mistake as obviously they will all due on different days. But I wasn't prepared for this. We had 1 chick hatch on day 21, all went smoothly and chick is strong and healthy. The next day another pipped. We waited for hours and I kept an eye on it. i found the pop when we woke in the morning so not sure how long exactly it had started but I checked on it regularly throughout the day and no signs of zipping. I'd read it could take 24hours or more so I left it, not worried. But when I came back at about 4:30 yesterday afternoon the egg was fairly crushed and the chick was out of the egg on its side with what I thought was in absorbed yolk. I'm glad I found it when I did because the mother was pecking at the sac so it had ruptured. There was a little bloom and yolk but it wasn't like it was bleeding continuously. I removed the chick and set up a temporary brooder box with a lamp and the humidifier. I left it here hoping it would absorb what was left. Well this morning chick is well and getting around ok. The sac (if that's even what it is) has dried, shrivelled up and gone a Blackish red colour. The chick is eating and drinking well but now I'm not sure what to do. The more I read the more unsure I am about what it is. The navel looks pretty nasty and I'm worried about infection. Will it fall off as it dries? Should I cut it off where it has dried? Is it possible some of her organs have come out?? Below is a photo of what it looks like now almost 24hours after I found it out of the shell. [​IMG]

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