Unabsorbed yolk sack or ???

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    One of the chicks that hatched out during the night - two nights ago - had a mess on it that looks like a pasty butt, but when I looked at it, it looks like it has an outty belly button. The 'outty belly button' looks like it might be about as big around as a regular pencil and has a yellowish color. I suspect this is a yolk sac not all the way absorbed? Should I do anything other than let it go - maybe it will finish absorbing and close up? Please advise.

    One more hatched last night, so now we have 6! 5 Left to go, but still no pips [​IMG]


  2. ameador1

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    Ohhh, there is also dry poopy looking stuff at the end of all of this - that's what I thought was the pasty butt. I think this may actually be causing some real pasty butt too.

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    If you have it in the brooder - keep the other chicks separated from it - they will peck it and pick at the place. Keep it warm and let it sleep. In 24 hours it should be closed over.

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