unabsorbed yolk sack? /UPDATED

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    Mar 26, 2011
    my chick started to hatch this moring around 5:00am by 4:30 this afternoon no progress had been made so decided to help out did as instructed on site things went well ,very large chick, i did not get it completly out of the shell i let it work it own self out after i made sure it was able to breathe and shell broken awaylike it would zip around, after an hour it slowly work it self 1/2 way out i noticed it had i belive yolk sack attatched still but now it seems a little more pink in color like intestine,is this still part of the yolk sack? i have not touch it he/she is in the warm bator laying and breathing the shell is still somewhat connted to the chick, no blood,do i just pray and hope it will absorb on its own or should i do something, i belive my humity might have been to high by what i have read but it was at 45-50 i thought to low.the chick is beauitful i hope he or she makes it it is the frist to hatch from this batch they were due to day. could this also happen to the rest? [​IMG] is 100-100.9 to hot for the chick in the bator LG still air

    this moring the little fella had absord every thing. still week but moving tring to stand gave him some water , peeps and is very aleart.
    note to any one PLEASE WAIT i thought i was helping for i heard if its been hours help well i am going with the 24 hour theroy and listen for the peeps. i felt so awful all night but thank heavens i knew when to stop and just leave nature do the rest. we have decided to call this one braveheart.( he will have to die of old age after this adventure in to life!) for it is the bravest little chick ,so big and beauitful i wish my ceramera worked the others are hatching [​IMG]
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    The unabsorbed yolk sac might be due to a too-high humidity, but it might also be because the chick wasn't quite ready to hatch yet when you helped it out. Sometimes they take well over 24 hours to hatch and it's best not to think about helping till 24 hours after the pip or 24 hours after the last time it made some progress...

    If it's just yolk sac and not intestine, it'll probably dry up and the chick will absorb it pretty soon. This is what chicks do after they pip and before they hatch, they absorb the last of the yolk sac and dry up the blood vessels in the membrane so there won't be any bleeding and/or a trailing yolk sac when they hatch.

    Good luck with him!

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