Unbelievable! Raise taxes for Ranchers?


12 Years
Mar 6, 2007
Bad grasshopper year here for everyone. Except me that is. Chickens,ducks and guineas worked their little hearts out protecting my property and garden.
The county is proposing a 1 cent mill levy tax to spray the ranchers land! Because the grasshoppers could hurt their bottom line! I can't even believe someone thought this up.
These are the people that order bumper stickers that say " Wyoming Native". Their children never get harrassed by the Police. Are suing Game and Fish to close a public access to the river. Why? Because the rivers low and they own the land under the water. So people are tresspassing to get to the water!
Heres the link. http://www.douglas-budget.com/articles/2009/10/02/news/local_news/news12.txt#blogcomments

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