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Get yourself 7 of those tall canister tupperware containers (the kind with the screw on lid), mark them for each day of the week with a permanent marker (Sunday, Monday, etc.)
USE them for leftovers, (at least for the ones you don't freeze).
Then when each day rolls around again a week later, if there is still food in it FEED IT TO THE CHICKENS, wash well and put the new leftovers in . . .
This keeps leftovers up-to-date, prevents unwanted science experiments, saves you from having to answer the question "Is this still ok to eat?" and, it also keeps the chickens happy

magic! . . . a less cluttered frig.
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Good idea!
question though... do you put ALL the leftovers in one container.. like mix the food all together?...
Say if i have fried chicken and corn and mashed potatoes left over....
And can i see a pic of the container you are talking about?
I've given up pretending the humans are EVER going to eat a leftover. I just put tonights leftovers on a "chicken dish", put it in the refrigerator and feed it to the chickens the next day. Why wait....we're never going to eat it ---unless of course it's CAKE
Good combo red, just pull the chicken meat off the bone and add some cream of chicken soup...make a casserole for dinner the next day...no leftovers
I do put them all in one container, because that way my husband can microwave one thing and have a meal, he doesn't seem to mind a little blending. Also like someone else suggested you can use them to make and interesting casserrol or my favorite soup in the crockpot. Just picture, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn . . . put it in the crockpot with a quart of chicken broth and a cup of white wine, add something new and different to change it up say fresh basil and tomatos or carrots and celery, add the appropriate spices and you have a whole new dinner! Now the trick is not to serve it the next night; If you follow the KatyTheChickenLady meal plan just save it for 7 days from now

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