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I have been watching the BYC duck forum in quiet envy as you guys post pictures and talk about your duck babies. I aspire to join you and I'm in the planning stages of the duck house, and run. I've tried to answer my own questions by looking through your old posts but I have a duck house question that I haven't seen an answer to.

I'm planning on an under-the-deck duck house. I looked at the pages of coop designs on BYC but anything I saw under the deck was someone's 2nd story deck and the coop and run appeared to be average height. I have a deck that is 4 ft off the ground and I'd like to tuck the duck house under the deck and attached the run to the end of the deck. In order to prevent dampness I intend to create an entire house under the deck with materials for water proofing etc (as though it weren't under the deck).

I was curious
- Has anyone else done something like this? What challenges have you faced?
- The duck house will be very dark, do ducks have light needs like chickens in order to lay? (I'm guessing they do)

I have been thinking about predator-proofing etc but I figured I would start here and see what the group thought. I welcome your comments and feedback. I've really enjoyed listening to your discussions.

~ Jen


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I have never done anything like that so can not help you with the first question. As for light needs. I would guess that if they had light in there yard it would probably be O.K. Since most breeds do not lay in the winter unless in an insulated building they would probably be fine. Ours sometimes lay before it gets light. I hope you enjoy your ducks. I think they are more fun than chickens.


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Dec 16, 2008
how many ducks are you planning because they get very stinky, mine free range all day in a 1/2 acre but there 20x10 pen and coop stinks. I do have over 10 so that is one of the issues lol.

But if you were only planning a pair or trio I say go for it but take stinkyness and how you give water into consideration. I would use a nipple type waterer for them to help keep it cleaner.


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I wouldn't worry about stink under there if you use the deep litter method. Make sure they have good ventilation... don't make it airtight. I've never done it, but I don't think you're going to have a problem. You're going to want to get in there and so 4ft is a problem only because you end up have to stoop when you're in there, but if you don't mind stooping, then it should be fine
Hopefully others will have more to say.

Oh yeah,


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Sep 15, 2009
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Thanks for the thoughts so far!

I'm planning on starting out with 4 Muscovies (1 drake, 3 ducks). Our town ordinance will only allow me to have a max of 10. I was thinking of starting with Muscovies. Folks on this board have spoken so highly of them and since my son still isn't 1 year old I want something lower maintenance and friendly.

I was concerned about smell and do plan to use deep litter method (Did I mention this is also under our bedroom window?)
. The deck is on a concrete pad and that pad extends out for 11". I have a good number of small spare wheels, I was going to put something (truck bed liner?, rubber mats?) on a wood frame and roll it in and out for cleaning. For predator proofing I was going to have the moving frame within a fixed, predator-proofed outer layer.

This is still in the planning phase so I welcome suggestions. I've been watching craigslist for ideas.

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