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    Oct 1, 2008
    Northern Colorado
    I have a great Aussie that sleeps outside at night and takes care of anything that moves out there. She has been a godsend for night time predators. She is great wiht the chickens when they free range and I trust here. I would like to have her out on nicer days when I am gone, but she tends to go across the road during the day. We are quite rural but still. I would like to surround the chicken area with the undergoudn wire and the collar.

    Has anyone had experience with these? Are they effective? How deeply do you need to bury them? How long a distance will the cover. I probably would like to surround with 400 feet of wire.


  2. A.J.'s

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    Nov 11, 2008
    I have one. A gift from my son, but IVe never had to use it. I trainned my dog at an early age not to cross that road and she has been wonderful at remembering. Once in a while, if i cross the road with kids who are laughing and having a good time she will come on over, but 99 percent of the time, if no kids are around she lays down on the drive way and waits for my return.
    The invisible fence is a wonderful thing. less than 200 dollars and easy to install, the wires dont have to be buried, but its advisible to do it. Just make sure they are marked very clearly.
    Some dogs are so strong and stubburn and smart that they just fly over it, but if you are consistant with it and make sure it is not ever turned off, it can work. Leaving it off one time can mess the whole program up..as with any disciple it has to be consistent.
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    My friend up the road trained her black and tan hound to stay in her yard and not go in the road with the one that has the wires that lay on top of the ground. Hes never disrespected it!
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    Nov 5, 2008
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    I purchased a wireless system that has a transmitter that sends a radio signal out at a radius of between 10-90ft. (You set it to what you need) You just plug it in inside the house. You can also get an additional transmitter to extend the range if desired. I have an Akita, Great Pyr, & 2 Dobermans on it & it works fine on all four. The only things you have to watch out for is the transmitter has to be in a weather proof area. (No rain or freezing temps) It will transmit the signal thru regular walls but will not transmit thru metal. The collars are water/weather proof. The one I have is made by a company called PetSafe.

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    Quote:I have the same one and just finished training my dogs to it. We just moved and at our old house we had the Invisible Fence. I have to say, I am really liking the wireless system so far. The reason we didn't bury more wire for the Inv. Fence system here at our new house is because we are having grading done and needed something that we could use now. THe wireless is working great...even with my not so bright basset hound, lol.
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    Nov 7, 2007
    We have about 1200 feet around our property for our Golden Retriever.We trained him when he was around a year...the training is very important.....and he respects it....even when he doesnt have a collar on....Read the intructions....we plan on getting another collar for our Black Lab who follows her nose where ever it goes.....Were very happy with it...
    Our neighbours down the way both work and their dog is outside all day and they have the same electric fencing and they have never had a problem ...
    Side note....If the wire should break....lets say from a shovel !!!!.....you can always splice it together ....or even add more if its laying above the ground....other neighbours have it tied to the fence around their pastures ....for coyote control....
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