Underground Fence?


12 Years
Jan 10, 2008
S.E Kansas
One of my dogs can get out anywhere. We have tried putting things around the base of our chain link fence and even tying the fence down but nothing works. He just goes right under or digs right through. He has an id on his collar so luckily people call when they find him, but I'm worried he'll get hit by a car. Anyway, has anyone tried those underground electric fences and will it hurt him?
He's about 20 lbs, so he's not too little.
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I hear people do well with them. I think some have adjustable settings. I think the important part is to make sure the batteries are fresh so that they will beep, startle, then have the juice to shock if the warnings are not headed by the dog. However, I have no personal experience with these.
No this doesn't hurt. They have the potential too, but the dog quickly learns not to get close to the boundary. It starts off with a small shock, almost a vibration when he gets within a couple of feet. The closer he gets the stronger it gets. Dogs don't like even the smallest vibration.

These are really effective. I have a good friend who just installed one. They have a huge dog that refused to stay in the yard, wouldn't stay in a fence and they finally had to resort to a chain. Within the first week of installing this they could confidently leave him in the yard. He will NOT cross that fence, not even for a t bone and I've never seen him look at all uncomfortable.
Mine worked well till the first time the batteries died. As soon as Raven didn't hear the warning beeps he was off to chase the neighbors' bazillion cats. It was downhill after that, he'd take a full shock to chase the cats and would then proceed to sit on the other side and whine to come home.....by then he'd be back to respecting the fence, he was just on the wrong side of it

I would try again on any future dogs as it was so great to let him have the run of our property, but for him it's not effective.

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