underweight bantam hen

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  1. clurbabe

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    Dec 19, 2008
    Hi Im new to the whole chicken raising seen! Im in college studying animal health cars and one of my teachers who works for the dspca offered me a bantam chicken that needed rehoming after a fox got into her last home and killed her friends. Luckily she escaped! We have kept other birds before such as quail, pigeons, finches, canaries and doves so she offered me first refusal of this chicken. The next day she took her into college and she seemed really happy and quite cuddley. We had a class in vet nursing that day so the teacher, who is also a practicing vet checked her out and said she was fine except she was a tad underweight and needed to be put on a high fat high protein diet of animal fat and such. I have some chicken feed for her that i got with her im not sure what its called but its in pellet form. What else should i give her to fatten her up a bit. She is in no way emaciated but does need to gain a little weight.
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    Nov 5, 2008
    I give mine cat food to up the protein. I also boil old or extra, cracked eggs and feed back to the chickens.

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