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    To make a long story short, hubby got laid off three weeks ago yesterday. He went online to apply for UI benefits. Within a week, he was approved and that end of the week, we got the credit card from state (weird!) and said to call to activate. Hubby had it on the application to send UI benefits to our checking account but he went ahead and call the credit card company to activate it so we can get UI money coming in a reasonable time.

    With G&D and CAT employees are going on lay offs, everyone said we should have gotten our UI money about a week but we now were told we will expect to wait up to three to five weeks! My SS benefits can only go so far and we were wondering how long did you have to wait for your UI money to come in?

    In our town, unemployment numbers are rising from 12 percent to almost 15 percent due to the larger corporations in our town laying off CAT and ADM and other companies that are directly affected by the corporation's lay offs. It is very uncertain when and will they call them back probably in January to Feb when the orders start coming in. Jobs are so scarce and we don't have extra money anymore for searching for jobs.Recently CAT laid off 1000 employees and more to come in the next two months here in Decatur.

    I also wonder about the real stats on unemployed folks who are no longer looking for work and "dropped" out of the job searches to be a "stay at home" mom and dads and DIYers.

    I hate the waiting game and need the UI money to come in........[​IMG]

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    I'm glad the economy is looking so rosy!
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    Wife says a couple weeks if it doesn't hit a snag. I am self employed and have not seen UI in about 25 years but am considering paying into it for myself then lay myself off and collect it, at least I am considering it...
  4. MamaRoo

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    Got a letter that said something about 5-6 weeks, but it actually came through in a couple weeks.

  5. EweSheep

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    In our letter, it said three weeks after the card is issued. Had to sell some stuff on Ebay to pay some of the bills and house cleaning the "junk" we don't use anymore! [​IMG]
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    Just hire your wife and lay her off. We owned a business and I was sole proprietor, DH was employee. When we closed, he drew unemployment and I got a job. [​IMG]
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    May 6, 2012
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    As of today I'm on my last day of unemployment "benefits" and I'm on my knees thanking God I have a new job to go to on Monday. I was laid off three months ago, received four weeks of severance pay, so that made eight weeks of "benefits" that were less than half of what I used to make--and I'm sole support of my family. I'm in my fifties and this is the first time I've ever been unemployed, and silly me, I actually thought that unemployment benefits were comparable to how much you made before becoming unemployed. Once my severance ran out, I had my card within ten days, and a phone call to the card company arranged for future benefits to be transferred directly to my bank account. That was the only thing about this experience that has been easy. I was horrified by today's job market--I was close to 15 years in my previous job, and I was recruited for it, so it had actually been closer to 30 years since I ever answered an ad. One thing I've learned from this experience...I need to put more money away for a rainy day. One other thing...my heart goes out to everyone in a similar situation...and I pray things will turn around for them quickly.

  8. rufus

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    I am sorry people are getting laid off. I am afraid 2013 will be the year of the pink slip. It will probably come to a head just about Christmas time. In 2014 the bills for the new health care system will fall into place. If a company is just barely making it now, it sure won't then. It worries me.
  9. JadedPhoenix

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    This is too true. With the cost of Obamacare we can all expect more and more layoffs and full-time employees being moved to part-time employees since healthcare only has to be provided for those working more than thirty hours a week. It is just more economical to have two employees working twenty hours a week rather than one working forty once the law is fully implemented. As far as the current TRUE unemployment stats that includes those that have used up their benefits but are still looking, those that have give up after not being able to find work, those that could only find part-time work but need full-time work in order to make their ends meet I've heard experts putting the number nearly twenty percent. Remember that the OFFICIAL number that is released only reflects those that are drawing on Unemployment benefits. Many folks unemployed are not eligible to draw.
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    Don't forget about the increase in automation, Ipay no taxes on a piece of machinery that replaces several workers.

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