Unequal ratio male to female


5 Years
Mar 16, 2018
Rochester NY
Thank you everyone for this forum. Last May I got baby ducks for mother's day. I had no idea what to do and you guys had great experiences that helped me figure out what to do. Now my flock is older and the unequal male to female ratio is becoming a problem. I have two females and five males. Right now, one of the females is missing feathers on her neck from mating. I want to give her a break and separate them but then when they get back together for the night they all fight. Am I making things worse?
You need to either buy a LOT of females or sell all but one of your drakes ASAP. I’ve been in your situation with too many drakes, and it’s not fun having to decide who stays and who goes, but they will mate your females to death. Literally, to death. :(

I’d put all the males but one in a separate pen until you decide what your game plan is so that they’re not over mating the ladies in the mean time.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :( best of luck with your ducks!!
I live off the genesse river and I was hoping since there are so many river ducks they would be fine. But I guess they dont look outside their flock to mate hence my problem. Im not sure where to go about trading or selling ducks. I dont know if my ducks would survive on their own they are domesticated from babies.
If you've got a local pond where people feed ducks, they'd probably be alright there, but I'd sell them to someone who wants to eat them before I'd abandon them near a river. Domestic ducks don't really know about predators, and if they die, it might as well be quick and for a purpose.

Try posting signs in your local feed store or on Craigslist or your state thread.

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They go in the river in the morning when I let them out then they come back to eat and for treats and to go in the coop at night. They stay close to home. I spy on them from inside my house with my monocular. I was wondering if because I grab the two eggs in the morning if I'm taking away her chance to sit on the eggs and have a break from mating. Should I put fake eggs in there? I wanna try something until I can find a good home for two males.
You need to remove more than two males to keep your hens safe- more like four. Even two hens isn’t technically “enough” for a single Drake, but it is better.

You could try to let them build up a clutch but that could take quite awhile and won’t prevent them from being injured and overbred in the process.

I’d post them on Craigslist and also the animals for reforming forum on this site- https://www.backyardchickens.com/forums/animals-in-need-of-free-re-homing.16182/

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