uneven egg pigmentation

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    We have two Cuckoo Marans hens and one of them lays eggs that are unevenly colored. Today's egg is a typical example as pictured below. Anyone know what's going on? They are perfectly formed inside, taste great, etc. It's just the shell coloring that's "off." (Our other Cuckoo's eggs are a uniformly dark caramel color with tiny brown speckles all over.) IMG_0181.JPG IMG_0184.JPG
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    I have a Silver Cuchoo Marans that lays an egg even more creatively "decorated". It looks like one third has been dipped in red paint. The color is a reddish brown like your girl's egg.

    If your Marans is a hatchery bird, as is mine, that's one reason their eggs lack the chocolate brown color as advertised. It's pretty typical.

    The red color comes from discarded red blood vessels, by the way.
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    Sep 20, 2017
    Washington State
    Yes, we get those "dipped" eggs too! And yes, both our Cuckoos are from a hatchery (Meyer). Their coloring is a little different, particularly on the neck. I wonder if this has something to do with the differences in their egg pigmentation.
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    Dark eggs are great (Welsummer, Marans) but that dark coating seems to be easily smeared or scratched. Happens with my Olive Eggers from the Wellie sire too.
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    Agreed, Such a factory paint job does not last. It's like putting latex paint over an oil base! Usually washes right off! I have one egg in my basket that is uneven like that. If I hatch eggs, I'll be sure to not set eggs with such defects. I call that a "soft cull". I cull future problem egg layers out of my flock, by identifying those eggs and never hatching them. Hatch the best, eat the rest. Of those that hatch, keep only the best.
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