UNEXPECTED SURPRISE! Maybe causing slight high blood pressue lol

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by CollegeChicken, Jul 27, 2014.

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    Jun 3, 2014
    When I started college I got into keeping Chickens. Then I also acquired some pigeons and while I adored them they were too vulnerable to predators and I didnt have the heart to keep them locked up. So after several years of trying many different things and still losing birds I decided to end my pigeon hobby and I gave the remaining birds to a gentleman in Philadelphia. He had a big beautiful pigeon loft and the birds would have a good life. It has been almost a month since I gave the pigeons away and the pigeon coop has since been converted into the 'new' 2nd chicken coop. I added a nice big run and re-did the inside to make it chicken friendly. This morning I woke up and....one of the pigeons was sitting on the roof of his old coop..yup..he flew to my house from Philadelphia..2.5 hours away. I recognized him immediately and then when I saw the band on his leg it confirmed what I already knew....this Homing pigeon did just what nature intended him to do and he returned back to the only home he had ever known. ( I cautioned the man who adopted them that they could NOT be let out bc they would try to find their way back here but with no formal race experience or endurance training I never imagined one could actually MAKE the trip, my fear was they would just get disoriented and lost ) The best part of this all is not only that I cant find the mans number to give the bird back , but my last batch of chicks is to be shipped tomorrow from MPC- My house was about to undergo a giant chicken musical chairs..the 6 week olds were supposed to be getting out of their 'brooder' and going outside into the newly refurbished coop tomorrow...the new babies were to go in the brooder when they arrive on Tuesday...now Mr.Pigeon is back and I cant reach the gentleman who adopted him!!... I had to let him inside his old coop (the new chicken coop!) bc he was so tired and thirsty and I didnt have the heart to leave him out all night just sitting on the roof like a sitting duck...now the coop will need to be disinfected and ....actually Ill just end it there because I honestly have no idea what to do! LOL... I guess I am blessed this is the biggest conundrum in my life at the moment-
  2. I saw a TV show about an Englishman metal detecting in a German forest that was a WWII battle ground. The most common piece of metal that he dug up were homing pigeon leg bands. They must have an awful lot of hawks in Germany.
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    What a funny experience! It'll make for a great story later on in life! :) I wish you the best of luck in sorting out your bird spaces!

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