Ungrateful little.....GRRRRRRRRRRRR!

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    Nov 9, 2007
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    Ever since my SD has been with her husband, since 2005 when they started dating, DH has done quite few things for them; including buying them a vehicle (which they turned around and traded a couple weeks later for a new vehicle, later repossessed) and helping them move 5 times, all at DH's expense. We watched the 5 y.o. GS all weekend last week so they could go away for their anniversary. Two days later SD was asking me for gas money. [​IMG]

    DH finally realized that they and his other daughter never came around unless they wanted something. He said he's sick of it.

    Now we are having problems. Our propane tank developed a leak underground and over $400 of propane leaked out. Without propane our hot water heater doesn't work and neither does our stove, so we are heating water for baths and I am cooking on a hot plate. DH is trying to dig up the line by himself, after he gets home from work each day. He's having heart issues and I'm scared about him trying to do it all himself, but I can't do much about it.

    I sent SD a text today telling her that her dad would never ask for the help, but he could sure use her strong, healthy husbands help in the afternoons (after they both get off work) to get it repaired. She told me that she would come help "this weekend" but didn't answer me about having her husband help. So I went the guilt route, explaining to her about her dad's health issues and that it had to be done this week, not this weekend.

    She just texted me back. Said she would ask her husband to help, but only under two conditions. First, they want to eat supper up here. She knows I only have a 2 burner hot plate to cook on right now. And second, that DH pay their gas money back home - a mere 13 miles away.

    Oh and just now another text - she wants to get the school clothes I bought for GS the other day. Only problem is, I realized I bought the pairs of pants too small and will need to exchange them. There's no way I am giving her the receipt to exchange them, because I know she will just get a refund and use the money for other things.

    Never in my life have I met such ungrateful, selfish........................... [​IMG]
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    Oh my goodness! What a little brat! Gritty, I'm just burning up for y'all. I would love to give her a piece of my mind. Grrrr! [​IMG]

    [​IMG] for you
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    you never met my 15yo son he wants what he wants NOW
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    Dec 13, 2010
    Users will use every chance they get, and family can be the worst at this! Wish I were closer; I'd be happy to help you dig out that line.
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    [​IMG] No words of wisdom here just [​IMG] Because I know how you feel about hubby's family taking advantage [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:That's how they are. They see us get something new and they go out and get it. They don't realize we have worked hard and saved to get what we want. [​IMG]
  7. Imp

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    Ugh! Double Ugh!!

    If I was closer I'd come help.

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    Unfortunantly every family seems to have one like that. I'm lucky enough that in my family that individual is a cousin that lives more than a thousand miles away. My heart goes out to you. Are there any friends around you can ask for help from? Maybe some eagle scouts looking to earn a badge for helping out in the neighborhood?
  9. TriciaHowe

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    I believe it was Ann Landers who used to say: No one can can treat you like a doormat without your permission.....

    Good luck and I hope it all works out for the both of you!
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    This makes me glad yet again that I have no children of my own, no spouse at all, much less one with kids.... But I see my friends with kids and step-kids get tromped on by them and treated with disrespect and/or as ATMs.

    Raises my ire, it does.

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