Unhealthy duck poo? It's green


May 1, 2020
Fleet Hampshire, England
My ducks seem very healthy but their poop is really green which I assumed was normal cos I do give them lots of veggies but I read an article online saying it shouldn't be that green. What do u think?
I'm not an expert yet in duck poo, but it always looks like what they are eating. I do remember reading here somewhere, that it's important they get 90% of their nutrition from a balanced duck fee, and only 10% from other sources, or they can't get enough of their required vitamins and minerals. Also, ducks eat a variety of foods, not just veggies. We give ours treats that are seeds, like unsalted Pepitas (shelled pumpkin seeds, but there's no reason they couldn't eat the shells, I think. We just got them bulk because I feed a handful to my horses in their feed too.) Black Oil Sunflower Seeds. Ours go NUTS for scrambled eggs, which is a rare treat. Many people give fun things like crickets, mealworms. We use dried Soldier Fly Larva and they go nuts. Others use minnows and earthworms, or tuna. I'm a bit hesitant to use the last two, because I read that both are intermediate carriers for parasites that can infect ducks, but I'm sure they'll eventually get earthworms in their foraging. Overall, I think it's the variety of veggies, seeds, insects, eggs, fish, they get that's the most important, but I try to keep it to about 10% of their daily intake. Maybe this will help0 their poop? BTW I don't know first hand, but I hear duck poop after eating earthworms is HORRIFIC smelling, so be forewarned LMBO

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