Unhealthy looking chick?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by evemaglive, Sep 6, 2016.

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    Sep 6, 2016
    Hey :) This is my first time hatching chicks and raising them... I noticed this a while ago that one of my chicks looks pretty ugly and sick compared to the others, it's so easy to recognise because it's so ugly. It's got goo coming out its eye, and it's always got dirt stuck to its face. It also seems to have a couple little cuts under its eye, but this isn't because of the other chicks because it's quite dominant and beats the others up if they try anything. It also seems to be lacking feathers around its head area, and a couple of its wing feathers are a bit bent and weird. I've got a couple pictures of the ugly chick and my other healthier looking chicks. [​IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG]
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    He looks pretty normal in that picture.
    I don't see goo, dirt or any other issues.
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    The chick is a cockerel, and he's probably already got battle scars from mixing it up with the others. Some cockerels are very aggressive at a young age. He doesn't look the least bit sick to me, either.

    With chickens, behavior is a better indicator of sickness than appearance. As long as he's eating, pooping normally, and active, even if aggressive, he's perfectly fine. A sick chick would be listless, inactive, hanging out in one spot instead of interacting with the others.

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