Unidentified skin disease.

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    Sep 20, 2019
    About hen
    Hen breed: Black Sussex
    Age: 9 years
    Weight: Normally 3 kg, much light probably about 1.5-2 kg
    Loss of appetite
    Distress when on her feet
    Little to no control over legs (can barely drag them across the floor)
    Spends majority of day laying around
    Will drink water but tries to peck it rather than drink
    Not laying
    Symptoms - spotted about 6 days ago
    Runny green diarrhea
    No broken wings, joints or bones.
    Very blotchy purple skin all over cloaca and skin surrounding the area
    less blotchy purple skin else wear
    Eyes look fine and no visible swelling
    Feathers are not pulling out more easily
    heavy breathing
    Seemingly doesn't like laying in the sun anymore (she used to love sun bathing)
    Bedding straw

    Thanks for any help.
    I hope to either do self remedy or unfortunately put her down.

    Edit: forgot to mention she was vaccinated as a chick/pullet

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    First of all, congrats on having a 9 year old hen! She is lucky to have had such a long and happy life with you.
    That being said, most chickens do not last that long and I suspect your hen is at the end of her natural lifespan. :hugs

    Does she have a swelling or a buildup of fluid in her abdomen? Ascites is common is many chronic chicken diseases.
    A sudden burst tumor on the ovary or elsewhere, a hemorrhage on the liver, heart failure, and many other things could cause her symptoms. It would be hard to pinpoint without tests or a necropsy.

    How are your other chickens? Is anyone else showing signs of lameness or acting “drunk?”
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  3. Folly's place

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    She's really sick, and it's likely time to say goodby. Having a post mortem exam will ID the problem, and if you have her to an avian veterinarian's, it's possible but unlikely that she can be helped at this point.
    So sorry, but she has had a very long life.
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  4. NathanisDutch

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    Sep 20, 2019
    Thanks for the swift responses. She has lived a long and happy life with us.
    I think I will miss her picking fights with the neighborhood cats :lol:

    None of the rest of the flock show any behaviour out of the norm, but I will keep an eye out. Chickens are too good at hiding their illnesses :/. She doesn't have a fluid build up in the abdomen. I think you are right @Tesumph it is probably signs of old age of an ailing hen.
    She is quite content when sitting down, but she does know she is ill and tries to stay isolated from the rest of the flock (normal behaviour).
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