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    Greetings from Abu Dhabi, UAE. I have just started my backyard flock with 4 hens described as "local Arabic chickens." I have no additional information about them. I would love to hear from other people in the Gulf Coast Countries or UAE if there are others like me on this forum. I welcome insights and advice on raising chickens in very hot, humid conditions - especially as summer approaches and weather reaches 120 degrees or more. I'm very happy to have found this group and loom forward to learning from you all. Here is a photo of one of my "local chickens." Please comment if you have any thoughts on her breed or her age. Thank you![​IMG]
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    Welcome to BYC! Come on over and say hello in the peafowl forum sometime, there are a couple of people there that live in Pakistan and Kuwait that might be able to give advice on keeping poultry in a hot climate.

    Peafowl forum:


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    Nice looking hen!
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    Hello and :welcome :)
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    Welcome, I like to tell everyone I meet at the feed store about Back Yard Chickens.com

    In fact I write on the back of the business cards I had printed up years ago, by Vista Print.

    I understand the heat can be brutal on some breeds, just like the cold can be brutal on others.

    I believe the Mediterranean breeds do best in the heat.

    Of course I don't keep them here in the cold. I prefer heavy breeds.

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