Unknown Breed


7 Years
Feb 6, 2012
Bay City, TX
Help!! I don't know what this chicken (chick) is.(Well acually I don't know what any of my chicks are but I have clue and they are helping me figure it out) I'll describe him/her to you :) It has a grey a chest, stomach, and legs. Green-ish feet. Five toes. "Earmuffs" Dark Brown/Light Brown/Black/Grey wings and tail feathers. Dark Brown and Light Brown Head. Rusty red tipped beak. And I think I got all it's features correct, so if you could please try to identify my chick it would give me great pleasure! :)

Sound like an Americauna to me! If you had a pic of it that would help alot.

No I in Ameraucana and Ameraucanas don't have green feet or odd mixed colors
It's an Easter Egger.

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