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  1. MeMotherHen

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    Oct 12, 2012
    I recently lost my Aracauna, Peek-A-Boo, to a sudden death which I have not yet found out the cause to. Her symptoms were heavy breathing and staying in one place laying down not wanting to stand up. I don't think she was laying eggs right, so maybe she was egg bound or she had some bacteria build up inside her which killed her. So when she went it was as if she couldn't breathe and she was in a lot of pain...

    Does anyone know what the symptoms are for being egg bound?

    Or what she could have had that would gradually kill her?

  2. Barn Mama

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    These are the symptoms:

    Lethargic (like my shy chook who didn't run away)
    Weepy eyes
    Not eating or drinking much
    Swollen abdomen
    Spending a lot of time in the laying box. (Attempting to lay her eggs but can't)
    Egg Whites leaking from her vent. Vent may also be red and swollen.

    Doesnt really sound like that.

    It kind of sounds like an infection or viral disease.
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  3. Sandstorm495

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    Dec 2, 2012
    Darwin, Australia
    Hi I had a chook who was just like your Aracauna. Mine was a Highland Brown, and she had exactly the same symptoms. Mine lived for about 5 days after it started. She died today [​IMG]
  4. MeMotherHen

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    Oct 12, 2012
    Thank you Barn Mama for the info about the symptoms, I think she might have had some of them, but it's hard to tell because I didn't think she was acting strange until a few hours before she died.
    Also she didn't go in the nesting box, she stayed on the ground in the wood shavings of our coop, and didn't move much...now that I think about it, I hadn't seen her eat or drink in a while as well...

    And I am sorry for your loss Babydoo.

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