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    May 21, 2014

    About a month ago I got 7 pullets, all of which are eating well, growing quickly and seem healthy. This morning I went to the run, did a head count and came up 1 short. I found 1 of my 2 Cuckoo Marans dead in the roost! She has no injuries that I can see, she was just laying in the bottom of the roost. A concern I have is that some of the birds are NOT getting on their perches at night. They sleep in the sand on the floor, and I try to encourage them to climb up but am not always successful and don't want to stress them out. I hoped they would just start doing so on their own due to instinct.

    Could this be the cause?? It didn't get below freezing last night.....


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    How old are your birds? You mention they are "growing quickly" so it would seem they are likely fairly young birds - if so, are they fully feathered out? I ask because if a bird is fairly well feathered out, and in good health, it is unlikely that sleeping on the floor had anything to do with causing the death...even if temperatures had been below freezing. Age also will play into them not roosting consistently -and, no, that is really not a concern and, yes, they will likely come around to roosting with time. If you can post a photo or two of your setup we may be able to identify some underlying contributing factors to them not roosting that may not be related to age - sometimes the way we have set things up looks good to us but is contrary to the way a bird would approach things.

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