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    May 8, 2014
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    I have 3 flocks of chickens. The first group of 11 are 2 year olds, the second group of 10 were 3 months old, & the third group of 14 are 2 months old. Each group are certain breeds. Well, last week, my second flock, which were 6 Barred Rocks & 4 Buff Orpingtons, started dying. They were perfectly fine one minute, then they'd just drop dead the next. No warning or anything. I am waiting for necropsy results to come back. Out of the flock, only 1 Barred Rock survived. Mine are all free ranging chickens, but as soon as I started losing my second flock, I quarantined them. Now, what's really strange, none of the other flocks got sick. I did get some antibiotics from the vet & put it in everyone's water. I then kept everyone quarantined for 48 hours & made sure they drank the water. While I'm waiting for the necropsy results, I was just wondering if anyone has any guesses as to what it could've been. Once I get the results back, I will update this post. It's very frustrating & strange to me that I lost one flock, but none from the other flocks
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    They may have gotten a hold of something poisonous. Did you notice any odd behavior at all?
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    I posted in the other thread about this, but I would rule out coccidiosis, botulism, or poisoning. Cocci is treated with Corid or amprollium. Botulism comes from eating a toxin produced by decaying vegetation or animal casrcasses, or maggots coming from them, and usually the material has been underground or under water without air. It causes paralysis of the legs, wings, neck, and causing death within 12-24 hours. Sorry for your loss.

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