Unkown growths on 5 wk pullet?? PLEASE HELP **PICS**

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    *UPDATE* I sliced open the large patch by her head last night and found only thick fleshy stuff underneath-nothing that I could flush out or remove. Poor thing. I flushed the area well with salt water solution then sowed her back up. I used to be a vet-tech, have never worked on or had chickens before and I am out of ideas. Can ANYBODY offer suggestions? Could this be cancer-especially since she has had slow growth all along??
    Hi everyone-Below pics are of a 5wk pullet. She has been behind in growing compared to the other 3 pullets I got-she seems to be a runt of sorts. Someone picked the newly growing feathers off one side of her neck and gave her a couple owies. I cleaned the wounds immediately with peroxide and put some Vetericin on it and seperated her from the others in the brooder with a dog gate. The pictures aren't the best, but there is a large round patch now that is raised and seems semi-hard underneath on the back of her head and extends to near her ear area. There is also a raised lump at the base of her neck on her back that is more 'tube-like' and near her shoulders. Her skin is a little red as she was in the sun a bit the day it happened. Please help if you can!! and THANK YOU!!
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