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May 21, 2018
Stillwater, OK
I’ve been watching how the guinea flock has reformed itself since egg laying stopped for fall. The four adult cocks reworked out their dominance and then started ignoring their mates and became part of the core group. The rest of the core group had included all guineas except three low ranking hens that were kicked to the curb. I’ve seen this behavior multiple times and call them the “fringe girls”. All of these girls did have mates that they spent time with in spring/summer. When egg laying stopped, their mates stopped wanting them near, so they cautiously follow the group around from a distance. I’ve postulated in the past that the fringe girls are designated as “sentries” to scout for danger....

Well, today, the guineas decided to kick Welch to the curb. Welch is a 2.5 yr old royal purple hen that used to be one of Ghost’s fringe girls. She’s also the one that hatched 7 keets and has been such a great mom to them. Keets are now 3 mo old and are still hanging with the main crew, but Welch is being attacked if she even shows her face from hundreds of feet away. It started this afternoon with the dominant hens attacking her, and now all of the group attacks her. Even the fringe girls are attacking Welch today, so Welch isn’t really even on the fringe. She’s hiding now and I couldn’t find her a moment ago. I just feel so bad for Welch after the great job she did with those babies. Her babies also seem rather confused and lost. Anyone else have hens that get kicked out of the main group in fall? I’m wondering if adding more males, 5 of 8 juvenile keets seem to be boys, will change this dynamic next year. Pics of Welch showing her babies how to Guinea...



Apr 14, 2020
Poor Welch:/

It is interesting to see how things have changed during the off season.

I’ve noticed that at times my flock will divide up into male and female groups, but still they stay pretty close together. Squabbles seem to only happen when food is involved from what I’ve seen. My last hatched babies are fully apart of the adult group now. I don’t see them on their own anymore. My older ordered juveniles are still a sub flock that joins up with the adults *most* of the time.
I can’t say I see any specific hens getting picked on. Right now my flock is at an all time low aggression wise. I don’t know how long it will last, but I’m hoping they can keep this up all winter😬

I hope your group will stop picking on Welch soon. It is so hard to see one guinea singled out and shunned 😔

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