Unpredictable Mille Fleur D'uccle Roo


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Jul 30, 2008
My Mille Fleur D'Uccle is very pretty, but he can be pretty nasty sometimes. I have these pink muck boots that I wear in the barn, and he has attacked me three times when I wear them. Nothing too agressive, just tries to spur me I think. Everytime he does it so quickly I don't get a chance to really see what he does.

Since then, I keep an eye on him and whenever I turn around I can see him chasing me. Is it the pink color that is bothering him? When I wear other shoes it is not a problem.

I don't want to get rid of him, but I don't want it to get out of control either. Any suggestions on what I should do? Nutty Roo.


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14 Years
Nov 9, 2007
SW Arkansas
It's not scientific, but after I reformed my roo the only time he bothers me now is if I am wearing pink or red.
My SO tells me they used to have to be careful what color clothing they wore into the commercial chicken houses. Certain colors would freak the chickens out resulting in deadly pile-ups.

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