Unusual hatch


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9 Years
Jun 28, 2010
I had a hen go broody, so I gave her 15 eggs. On day 21 no chicks, day 22 one chick, day 23 one more chick, day 24 no new chicks, day25 one more chick, day 26 one more chick, then waited 2 more days and burried the remaining eggs. I removed each chick a day after it hatched. Has anyone ever had a split hatch like this.
I just had a similar thing happen with my Silkie/Showgirl hatch. Day 18, one hatched, day 19 one hatched, day 20 two hatched, day 21 nothing, day 23 and 3 hatched, day 24 2 more hatched, one didn't make it. Very odd, not sure what happened with mine, either, temps and humidity were spot on the whole time.

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