unusual serama chicken behavior


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Mar 21, 2018
Hi, I'm from Malaysia,
My Serama start crowing from last week and able to walk again.But other thing that concern me is he got something like unusual, his neck always raised up like something stuck or choking because I noticed his behavior since last year (November)...He was okay when since Feb/March (The day I took him to vet) but this sign came back again and it really worries me sometimes.The reason I took him to veterinarian clinic because sometimes his comb turns blue ( not all,only little bit on rear part and it's feels cold) and this choking sign,raised & shaking his neck.The Veterinarian doctor says nothing stuck on his neck,any suggestion or explanation why my Serama behavior like this?

I have upload my video on youtube so that you can see what the problem I mean.


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