UNWANTED: Social reject Cat in N. Utah / S. Idaho

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    May 25, 2008
    Here's my scoop (not the one for litter)...
    The other fellas around my barn don't like me (See picture). I think it's because I'm more manly than they are, but they say I have cooties (No--not lice or fleas. I don't have those. AND I DON’T HAVE COOTIES EITHER.).
    They stalk me & hiss. Alright, I stalk them & hiss, too. But we're building a pity case for ME here...

    The cat-feeder has this thing for peace, and has been saying she wants me to go to a new home. It hurts my feelings. Sometimes I threaten to run away. She never takes me seriously--says I am the “Cat-Came-Back” poster child.

    She likes me. She tried not to. She even avoided naming me. She'd say, "There's that Other Cat." Now she calls me "O.C." (except she says it "Osey" so I feel more actually named and included).

    I coped with her initial anti-new-resident campaign by staying out of reach until I had her really suckered in. I usually am all "pal", and now that she's shifted from quick-evict mode, I sprawl my loving self at her feet at every possible moment. I can tolerate small bothers like being tripped over.

    I have the world's most luxurious coat (See photo evidence), including striping and Siamese markings. The other 2 cats were green with envy my first month here, but are now back to their regular boring colors.

    I am as healthy as a horse, but--like the headline says--am actually a cat.

    And I am a WONDERFUL cat! I think so. The cat-feeder thinks so.
    The other cats do not think so, however. And the cat-feeder has this thing about "They were here first" (I tried to teach her that "First the worst" rhyme. No go.).

    So we're accepting applications for home replacement.

    More about me:
    * I have a touch of feline senility: I don't remember how I act inside a house. I might spray??
    * OF COURSE I HAVE MY CLAWS! How'd you think I got so primo mouse-catchin-slick?
    * Oh, yes--I have blue eyes, too. Irresistible, I know.

    About you:
    You must be nice. If you are really nice, the cat-feeder might let you have a food bowl or something to go with me.
    (I feel like she's put me on the Home Shopping Channel. Please help!)

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  2. Cetawin

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    Mar 20, 2008
    NW Kentucky
    [​IMG] Love it and he is a beauty. I sure hope you find a good home for him.
  3. farmerlor

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    Aw, poor rejected kitty....if I were closer....no, not really because I've already got five feral cats and three tame cats all of which were "ditch kitties" . But he's a beauty and if he just happened to end up in my ditch I sure wouldn't turn him away. I'd just lose my home and family if I actually went to GET a cat. LOL!

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