Unwell Faverolle and not sure what?

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    Help!!! Speedy, the best Hen I have had.

    Speedy is sick, she was fine Tuesday and I got home Wednesday afternoon to her not herself.
    I brought her inside for a warm bath and the spend the night.

    Speedy is 10 months start laying at 7 month and 7 weeks ago got broody for the first time.
    So after she sat for a week and I was sure she was broody, I put fertilized eggs under her.

    She did amazing, she hardly move, I would take her scrambled eggs and water every 4 day. (I was worries about her not eating or drinker. not only was it her first time, it was also mine.

    One day before the Babies were due, Speedy got off and walked away, I waited 3 hours before I took them to the incubator she was not coming back, however spend that time playing with her friend in thew dirt.

    She has not Layed eggs since the broodiness started.

    Back to the urgent problem,
    when I got her yesterday (Wednesday afternoon) she was lethargic and as far as I can tell not eating or drinking much.
    I gave her a bath and rubbed her crop, and cleaned her bottom, and let her sit in the warm water, which she some to like.
    I was thinking egg stuck or sour crop??? 

    I have gave her 3cc of olive oil today, and 5 meal-worms in oil. I will bath her again today.
    She will not eat scrambled eggs or feed, and I have a little apple cider vinegar in her water.
    It's hard to see what is wrong using the poop chart as she has been eating mulberries and all my girl have black poop at the moment.

    Her Poop today has a white ring around it...\

    Can anyone help, I''l post picture next. If I loose her, I think I'll give up on chickens:(
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    Suprise-Chicks Chillin' With My Peeps

    She would normally do anything for food but not right now. I'm going to pop her in the sun for a little after her bath.

    I'm so sorry every time I'm on here I have a problem...

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