Uodate on our ISA brown's


6 Years
Feb 5, 2013
NW Georgia
Some of you ask for an update on the ISA brown chicks we got from Townline hatchery when they started laying...here ya go...!

Our 14 ISA browns will be 24 weeks old tuesday 8/16. We got our 1st egg on monday 6/27 when they were 14 weeks and 6 days old. We got the 2nd egg on july 4th and it has been building ever since. We got 9 to 12 eggs a day 7/21 thru 7/26. Since then we have been getting 13 or 14 each day with the occasional 12 thrown in. We get 14 about one third of the time, 13 about half the time with and 12 about 15 % of the time. Their reputation as egg laying machines seems to be correct, at least for now.

We get one double yolk almost every day and about 50% of the time we get 2...like today. The 2 at the left are double yolk. We have gotten 13 eggs today (Sunday 8/14) so far and I doubt we will get another as they usually lay before 11 AM...although there is the rare egg after lunch.

Most of the eggs are standard size like our buff orpington's...some a little bigger. As yet we have not seen the large to xtra large eggs as advertised (except the double yolk). However we are well pleased with the size eggs we are getting...if they get larger that will be great. We have not seen any evidence of health issues. They are very mild mannered with us but not so much with the BO's...but get along well enough that we have put them all together. We have a BO rooster who is just finding his hormones and has been chasing the BO pullets (who are several weeks away from being ready for his attentions) and he is working overtime since we put the ISA's in with the BO's. :)

I really like the ISA browns so far and will probably get more in the future if all continues to go well. There are GREAT little egg layers...!

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