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up to 21 thai babies in my salon (living room)...

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by nok13, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. nok13

    nok13 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Dec 8, 2012
    our first chick, number 1, is huge, he /she has back feathers, wing feathers, manages to fly (that should answer the question someone asked on a thread about height -- number one flys inside its room, climbs on the gallery ladder rung but doesnt venture over the the small wooden 'fence' that it likes to sit on during the day now; could be because of the dogs, but i think its just habit of young birds to stick close to home.

    the second two hatchings are also feathering in, and we have the various small chicks in with them-- they are the ones that we bring up from our faraway coop every two days (we check on the hens because the babies cant get out of the nesting boxes and the moms are still brooding various sets of eggs, although the hatch seems to have finished. today we brought up a small red chick, who sat in my husband's sleave with its beak peaking out, and cheeping the whole way home...
    he was introduced, the larger birds were reprimanded by the head rooster (my husband), and there seem to be no problems. we have a red lamp hanging over the floor, and the old small brooder cardboard box with additonal light, inside the room. the larger chickes enjoy zooming around in and out (they remember it was their nest previously) and also perching on top.
    i have two logs set up to perch, and a stuffed sock corner under the heater for the younger birds to snuggle under. they are on newspaper and outdoor dirt from my layer hen house. today we changed it all and i put some wood chips on the newspaper since the birds are getting older and smellier.
    i will put dirt on the floor as soon as the outside dirt dries up a bit since we had three unusual days of rain...
    foofoo the male lhasa has become chicken obsessed. he sits and whines and watches them all day, like a kid watching t.v. and refused for strangers /visitors to get close to the chicks (he has dog psychiatric problems as it is)... lilee the lhasa tried to 'play' with the new chick by using her mouth, so got reprimanded and has been in a snoot all day because of it...
    i am going to start intoducing them to leftovers and greens , slowly, and will start looking around for vaccination serums (here, i was told i only need to do newcastle. if i want the avian flu and other stuff, its only in a under the skin vaccine and i cant see myself doing it to very small young chicks... so am checking other possibilites. we also want to do all our older chickens and ducks...

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