Update* 10/21 hurt leg better and she laid an egg!!!


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I did check the old posts, but I still need help.

A friend gave us a RIR hen, probably about 2 to 3 yrs old since she was the only survivor of a predator attack about 6 wks ago. She has been by herself in a wire coop, off the ground eating nothing but scratch so she may have dietary issues, too. I went to pick her up on Friday evening and my friend was carring her and we put her in a cat carrier before I took her home so I never saw her walk before I got her. I put her in a little coop (by herself) and she did get up and move some, but not much. We waited until after dark and put her on the roost with the other chickens and Saturday morning she was sitting on the floor of the coop. We don't know if she jumped wrong, fell, is scared or what but she doesn't want to or can't walk. She can move her legs, but her toes look a little curled to me. Her comb is red.

I put her back in the grow out coop on the grass, with the chicks as they all seem to get along. She has food and water within easy reach and is eating and drinking fine. She is pooping 2 or 3 times a day, HUGE like broody poop and as expected, has not laid any eggs after the move yet. I've taken her out of the tractor to kind of hold her up but she just sits back down and eats the grass and looks quite comfortable. Yesterday she stood up and then sat back down on her own so I know she can. I've examined her for any visable or palpable injuries and I can't find a thing. HELP! What could this be?

She is eating chick starter with the chicks for now and I guess I need to add some polyvisol. She's a really sweet hen and I'd like to get her up and going... What else can I do?
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she could be overly stressed, or she may be egg bound...but usually their poop will look really runny, if you can bring her inside, a little extra warmth never hurts. Good luck! sorry I couldn't be more help.
It could be dietry related. try giving her extra Vit B1 and B2 - Things like Tuna have it in or a small amount of Banana ( But watch that as it has potasium which is bad for them) So I wouldn;t give too much!!! Also Layers have a better ballance for her than chick food. It does sound like dietry - vitamin deficiency.

Sorry I can;t help more

Thanks for the advice; I really appreciate your help.

Her poop looks, well, VERY healthy; more like my collie's poop than a chicken and not runny at all. I was worried that maybe if she jumped down from the roost and wasn't used to jumping that an egg might have broken inside her. But wouldn't that be obvious in her poop?

She honestly looks quite happy sitting on the nice green grass in the tractor, and its very warm here; warmer outside than in the house. I think its about 90 degrees this afternoon and will get down to maybe 70 tonight.
She may be weak also from being confined in the wire cage for 6 weeks. If the wire was uncomfortable when she walked, she might have spent most of the time sitting.

Was she also recovering from the attack or did she not get harmed?
She has a healed over wound on her right wing with some flight feathers missing; I'm guessing it was from the attack. The owner thinks it may have been a cougar by the way the coop was torn up. My guess was a big coon because of her description of the 'missing heads' in previous attacks. I don't know if she realizes how strong a healthy coon really is...
Maybe make her a wet mash with.. feed, boiled or scrambled eggs.. or i even use raw eggs mixed in... poly-vis-ol (no iron) baby vitamins.... cooked oatmeal or grits...
Could it be mereks?
I don't think so, but I don't know. She was isolated as in no other chickens around for at least 6 weeks. They were trying to keep her safe but she didn't have a lot of room to move around and was on wire. I'm hoping she's just out of shape and needs the right food and care. Thanks for your care; I'll take the best care of her I can. She looks pretty happy; eating, drinking, preening and pooping...
I've been taking her out of the tractor and holding her on my lap and letting her 'push' a little while lifting her for exercise and today when I checked on her at noon, she stood up on her own! I'm so happy! This afternoon when I got home from work she was standing and even took a couple of steps.

I've decided it must have been an injury, but I have no idea how it happened or what exactly was injured. I'm just so grateful that she's getting better. Thanks to all for responding....You all are great!
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