~UPDATE 20 TOTAL~Big Beautiful Light Sussex Chicks + BLRW Chicks!!

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    Oct 28, 2010
    We are proud to offer our Light Sussex chikcs from Paul Bradshaw stock and our Blue Lace Red Wyandotts from Blue Poultry.

    These birds are amazingly huge gentle birds. Both breeds are some of the nicest chickens I have ever owned. I can go out and sit in the pen and the roos will still get up on my lap. They are the friendlies and most curious birds and make wonderful backyard chickens. THERE IS A TOTAL OF 20 CHICKS SHIPPING - 10 SUSSEX AND 10 BLRW!! [​IMG]
    You will not be disappointed in the quality of these enormous birds!

    Priority shipping will be $20.00, if you prefer express it will be $35.00 including the box. Please add a phone number at check out to save time as they WILL ship on Tuesday. Please pay promptly at the end of the auction . Paypal payments accepted to email address [email protected]

    Please note: Due to state reguations we can not ship to SD, VA and Hawaii. Sorry![​IMG]

    Thanks for viewing and good luck!
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