UPDATE 9-28! TEDDY BEAR DRIVE IS A GO! Thanks everyone.

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I am trying to decide what to do for my SAE (supervised agricultural experience) for FFA. Last year I did my chickens HOOOOOOW exciting (sarcasm) first hour, fed chickens, second hour watered chickens (you get the point) This year I wanted to do something maybe community service.

I was thinking of doing something to raise money for child abuse. I personally feel kids are overlooked these days and are too afraid to speak up. Being a kid myself, I learn when to shut my mouth, but some things you shouldn't be quiet about. Any ideas?

maybe I can use graphics to make posters and then try to get the school to allow my to ask for donations. ANY IDEAS are welcome, also as to which foundatoin to donate money. NO MONEY will be for PERSONAL GAIN, I won't even keep any of it to cover any costs, ALL money will go to foundation.
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Your graphic will make an awesome poster! In Virginia, we have a group called SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now). I'm not familiar with NC organizations, but a quick Google search found http://www.preventchildabusenc.org/

Might be a good place to start? Good luck!

In the dream big section: Jason Michael Carroll is in NC in October. He could do a concert that would REALLY stimulate the kids to donate (yeah, dreaming big)

KINDA dreaming big: Ask the principal to do a talent show 4th period one day, kids will do ANYTHING to get out of class. Maybe even pay $5?

What the school would like: Just have a bucket in homeroom for people to put money in (woot?)

This is a wonderful cause, and i think the poster is fantastic!!

you could also raise funds for your cause by getting schools involved in a balloon race.... helium filled ballon etc etc with labels..I have done this in the past I raised a lot of money for the PTA from it.... you could charge say $3 per balloon, and the kids love to see them all "fly" off at once. the baloon that flies the furthest and the label returned to school wins a prize. Another fundraiser being the who can make the longest 1 cent trail.... each class has to try and eat the others classes to be the winner... a lot of cents to count... but can raise lots and lots....as Cristmas is round the corner.. how about "Decorate a candle for Christmas" you would have to buy in the church candles, glue and glitter and stickers etc... but the children get to decorate their own special candle, which is then wrapped pretty in cellophane..... you can decide on your own profit margin for that. I have also done this in the past and charged £5.00 ..... sold out!

Good luck and I hope you are a huge success
I know the charity will be delighted whomever you choose.
I have contacted a state child abuse foundation that is going to send lots of statistics and has offered to have a GUEST SPEAKER if I am able to get the school to do an event!

Not a lot getting done today though, I'm sick as a dog
I love EC's idea and it would really get the press out there for a great photo shot!

You can also google not-for-profit child abuse fund raisers or something like that to see what others have done.

When I worked in Family Violence, we did a teddy bear drive and the bears were donated to the police station and Dept of Childrens Services/ DV Shelters to be given to children who came in as a result of Family Violence.

I think the key to getting the school to support you is to not do anything that 'they' would consider too controversial. Politics ya know?

Please be sure to let us know what you do and how it goes!
Teddy bear drive idea was awesome. talked with mom and she said even without the school, it'd be a success. Several small businesses around here would participate for a good cause. Not asking for money, so people may not be super worried about a scam.

Keep ideas coming
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my MIL used to put on benefit concerts for make a wish. she'd rent a park and get LOCAL bands to play for free. the good thing is Most local bands are in high school, so they have word of mouth in their favor, you can *usually* get the school to put the benefit in the morning announcements, her son was in a band see so they already had the PA systems and my one BIL ran the sound system and the other had a bunch of ppl bring grills and he ran the *concessions* we advertised at the local music shops, high schools, community college and bars. I think we charged $10 in advance, $15 at the door, it was an all day thing. In Profits we made $3000. that was all given to make a wish. it was an amazing event and Lots of fun. we even had tshirts made up that were $15ea. the only thing we had problems with was ppl drinking and so a couple complained to the park that we had allowed underage drinking. and were thereby banned from ever renting the park again.... no one underage was drinking, it was that this couple was being obnoxious and we asked them to leave (they thought it was supposed to be country bands) anyways. Lots of organizational skills required there, but Well worth it. And i am sure That would look awesome on a resume.
you had said benefit concert......

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