Update : Baby Silkie Chick 10 Wks O. Cant Walk! Please Help! Update!

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    Dec 30, 2010
    Hey Guys! So so so so surprised my baby is still going strong today! I still have not found out whats wrong with her ! I found her lieing on the floor not moving.. The whole story is on here somewhere & I got lots of helpful tips.. I have been giving her Vitamin E in her food and giving a cooked egg & some other stuff mixed with it as her food & a little medicated chick food.. The first 3 days (before any meds) She could barely move & only could walk on her tippy toes and legs straight but still movable! Very strange.. So now she FLAPS her wings like crazy & tries to walk? the first 3 days she did'nt even think about doing that! :O But now shes really trying she is deff. trying to move around in the box but still cant find a way to do it.. but is trying.. Still dont know what to do.. [​IMG]/ But I do feel as if shes getting better. Any suggestions !?!? Please help once again.
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    I would keep doing what you are doing - she sounds like she is slowly improving.


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