Update: Black Aust attacked by dog

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    I just wanted to let you all know that she is doing much better today. Yesterday I soaked her in a warm sink with betadine and from that point she has been a totally different chicken. I actually thought she was getting worse saturday because she wasnt eating or drinking, slept all day, and didnt move around. After the soak she was up and limpily moving, eating, and drinking. She is vocal again, her feathers are coming back, and I even let her outside for a bit today to free range and meet my chickens between the fence. I truly think that soak calmed her and made her feel better. It definitly was the turning point and I dont see anything else going wrong. I am still worried about her foot so once she heals up the rest of the way if its still bothering her, I'll take her to the vet and see. She isnt swollen and I am hoping it heals on its own.

    Thank you so much for everyone who gave advice. I havent had many injuries to my flock and its nice to know there are helpful people on here. We still have not named her. I already have a chicken named Sweetie, Lucky, Blacky, and had one named Baby..so I'm still thinking lol.
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    Warm soaks always feel good and betadine ills all kinds of germs and dries up wounds. I'm not sure how your update got here but I'm glad your girl is feeling better.

    I agree...the people on this forum are terrific.[​IMG]
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    good thing she's doing better, keep us posted

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