Update-Day 20, waiting for chicks

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  1. Tomorrow is day 19 on the 9 silkie and showgirl hatching eggs i stuck under my broody silkie, Dusty. Part way through this event, Guenevere went broody and joined her. (Some other hens tried to join in, but the two moms pecked them all away.) i was actually glad to have the two of them joining forces, as it's been cold, and they have been keeping each other warm, as well as the eggs. The worst they do to each other is try to roll eggs out from under the other one's butt when they aren't looking.

    SO, tomorrow is Day 19, and i was going to move a mom and the eggs into a rubbermaid brooder in the garage. i have never experienced a hen hatching her own eggs. But further, i am not sure of what will happen if i put both moms together into the brooder. They seem to be generally okay with each other. If chicks come, might they both mother them, or fight over them? i realize it's difficult to predict chicken behavior. Has anyone else experienced this, had two moms raising chicks together? i would bring them both into our spare bedroom, but our house just went on the market today, and not sure that chickens in the bedroom would be a big selling point. [​IMG]

    Thanks for any advice anyone might offer.
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  2. Oh how exciting for you, My silkies always join forces with their littlies, its so sweet, I call them "aunties", The littlies know who their mums are by their voices.
    I would try and leave them together and if there are any dramas then separate them.
    I have a silky mum who did have her own nursery and run however after being out with the others one day she followed them into the main house to go to bed and they are all in there together.
    Silkies are lovely aunties.
    Ill go and take a pic in a sec of whats going on out there.
  3. [​IMG]
    This is the 2 aunties taken a few months ago. Ill try and find one which shows the chicks that were under them at the time!!!

    Here are 3 mums and their chicks enjoying the sunshine :
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  4. Thanks for your input. Beautiful silkies you have there! Also, love your yard. i guess i will move them both into the brooder with the eggs and see how it goes. They have both been very tolerant of each other - but not of any other of the hens. In fact, when Dusty comes barreling out of the coop every day to eat, she comes out with arms swinging, so to speak. She frantically scratches and eats and pecks the #### out of any other hen that comes near.

    i can't wait to see what hatches. The eggs are a mix of white silkie and showgirl. Hope i get at least one showgirl.

  5. Ack! Did not get moms into a brooder today. Our house just went on the market and the calls started early morning to view, and went all day (which is good). But i did not have a chance to set up a safe brooder situation in our garage for the moms and eggs. Tomorrow (later today) is day 20 so i need to do something fast. The rubbermaid container brooder i had and used this past summer is all warped, so need to sprint out tomorrow to get something else.

    i think my head is spinning off.
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    I've never moved a broody hen that late into a brood cage or box on day 19 for them to hatch their clutch...but try getting just a large cardboard box. I've used some that hold 30 to 40 gals. before to house day olds...just keep a screen over the top....
  7. Okay, got the moms into a cage in the garage, and they seem settled in. Now the wait begins. At day 20, we may get chicks today. Both moms have been pretty faithful in setting, so hoping for at least a couple chicks.

    Here they are, Guenevere is the large white silkie mix in the front, and Dusty is actually tucked under her wing in the back.


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